Introducing Our Corporate Communications & Facilitation Services - Supporting Multilateral Relationships Through the CEC Network

We are proud to offer a ranger of corporate and corporate advisory services through our team - should you you have a specific service that may be required but is not listed please get in touch!

Corporate Communications:

  • Corporate communications strategy formation - strategic planning & key milestone planning

  • Press Release writing & distribution

  • Blog and content marketing - copy-writing, research, article writing & content origination

  • Media handling & press engagement - monitoring, media agency cooperation (UK & Russia)

  • Online reputational management / website ranking and removal of negative press

  • Crisis communications - emergency, due diligence and crisis troubleshooting

  • Social media management - Facebook, VKontakte, Instagram to Youtube & Twitter

  • Brand management - visual, websites marketing communications

  •  Internal communications - internal stakeholder engagement & management structure modelling

  • Translation - Russian - English, German, Italian, French, Ukrainian, Serbian, Spanish & others

  • Conference & events management - full chain events production, management and marketing

Finance Sourcing / Corporate Advisory & HNI / Family Office  Facilitation

  • Project, individual & corporate risk analysis - project management & risk assessment

  • Financial PR / Reporting and full Financial PR advisory   

  • Pre-Investment analysis reporting - deep-dive due-diligence on projects, partners and other entities

  • Bespoke family office support

  • Third party legal funding - a suitable proposition for major asset and other legal disputes

  • Legal advice - top relations with a range of UK, Turkish & Russian law firms

  • Outsourced business development - third party business development, PR, Marketing sales &          management 

  • Wealth management support

  • International tax advisory & accounting

  • Corporate relocation and concierge

  • Company establishment and formation in the UK, Russia, Ireland, Italy & Switzerland

  • Reputation and brand management - please see above services

  • Online representational management / website ranking and removal of negative press

  •  Trade, commerce & project financing - key relationships with international banks & funds, HNI's and investors

  • FX & currency exchange (inter-bank) - FCA regulated platforms to deliver savings on intl. FX trades

  • Project sourcing - trade, commerce, asset and infrastructure project management

  • Energy trading & commodity brokerage

  • Technical energy, infrastructure and asset consultancy 

  • Personal & corporate security consulting

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