Geopolitical Advisory Service 

Corporate and political intelligence from all over the world.

Compiled by our team of local representatives and partners, our bespoke consultation is designed to support your decision making process, keeping you up to date with the very latest information and analysis, filtered through both open and closed sources. Our unique geopolitical risk consulting service is built for executives looking to understand the geopolitical context affecting their decisions.

CEC offers one time consultation sessions, as well as longer term subscription packages.

The Basic CEC Global Intelligence Subscription Includes:

  • A monthly bespoke report– What is happening where, how and with who.

  • 30 minute monthly bespoke telephone or zoom briefing – let us know what you want to know and we research and brief you on the latest developments.


Why join?

  • Learn about a regions customs, politics and business culture from local experts.

  • Save on staffing & risk outsourcing costs – we can act as your corporate intelligence partner.

  • Network with other leading players in the market.

  • All our information and analysis is sourced in house from open and closed sources - with links to partners of discretion we can provide the right information tailored for you.


What can we cover? (Bespoke Subscription and Individual Consultation)

  • Policy Monitoring & Election analysis

  • ​Geopolitical Risk analysis (Long term tracking) - assess the key risks to your business or investments

  • Political Consultation - Understand how politics operates within specific countries. 

  • Regional Business knowledge Consultation - Learn about how business is conducted all over the world

  • Where to invest – a deep dive into industry sectors that are not often covered in the conventional industry media 

  • Bespoke Consultations & Network Access