Strategic, National & Political Communications Campaigns

With an experienced team of political consultants, Cobb Energy Communication is able to offer a wide range of political, strategic and electoral campaign services in a number of regions and countries including; the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Belarus, Baltic States, Canada, Mexico, United States as well as Africa and the Middle East. With access to a number of networks, political personalities and stakeholders we can offer a number of engagement services, from traditional public affairs through to a one-stop national campaigns for aspiring national leadership candidates we can help you reach your political-commercial goals.

With proprietary relations with leading members of the political parties of the UK Parliament, German Bundestag, Russian State Duma as well as top-level access to Canadian political parties and other key political decision makers across the world we have a range of services to assist you including:

  • Contact programmes at all levels of Government - political communications strategy development

  • Industry & policy advice / briefings - cross sector expertise & bespoke policy consultancy

  • Policy & political monitoring - regular policy updates and analysis delivered to your team

  • Elections analysis - assessing key policy, campaign and government changes

  • Global political profiling - parties, individuals and campaigns

  • International political campaign management & support - National campaign delivery

  • Government relations in the UK / Russia-FSU - NGO and governmental / inter-parliamentary communications

  • National political campaigns - global national leadership campaigns, social media, media-relations, business & stakeholder support, campaign strategy and advisory (for aspiring presidential and national leadership candidates)

  • Long term strategic communications planning

  • Reputation risk management - online, ranking and media

  • Political and election campaigns strategy, formation and execution for presidential and national leadership campaigns

  • Extensive relations with political parties and personalities in the UK, Russia, Canada & Germany

  • International facilitation

This is one of our most bespoke, tailored and often discreet services - please get in touch for more information.