Strategic & Political Communications

​With an experienced team of political consultants, CEC is able to offer a wide range of political, strategic and electoral campaign services.


CEC holds proprietary relations with leading members of the political parties of the UK Parliament, German Bundestag, Russian State Duma, as well as Canadian political parties and other key political decision makers across the world. Our services are available in a number of countries including: the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Belarus, Baltic States, Canada, Mexico, United States; certain areas of Africa and the Middle East. We cater for candidates, non-profit organisations and businesses alike.


We have a range of services to assist you including:

  • Government relations: contact programmes at all levels of Government - long-term strategy development

  • National & International Campaign Strategies - social media, media-relations, business & stakeholder support.

  • Reputation Management

  • Inter-parliamentary communication support

  • Policy & political monitoring 

  • Bespoke Introductions

This is one of our most bespoke, tailored and often discreet services - please get in touch for more information.


CEC is a fully registered member of the CIPR & UK Register of Political Lobbyists.