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CEC Addresses the WCR on Post-Brexit Trade Opportunitites

CEC Global were delighted to recently speak at the German based WCR Wirtschaftclub forum!

We explored the full areas of cooperation available to both corporates and SME's in both Europe and the UK - there remains significant areas for collaboration. Please click the PDF link below to download the presentation:

Post Brexit uk-Eurasian trade opportunities
Download PDF • 770KB

About the WCR:

We are an economic club that promotes multilateral relations between West and East. As a member of the social entrepreneurship "Closing the Distance", our network extends from Europe to China.

What distinguishes us:

we are unbureaucratic, flexible, fast and stand for personal contact

Our Mission:

We connect people and cultures – building bridges across borders, dialogue promotes trust and opens markets.

We are a business club, started with the aim of promoting encounters and exchange among executives in West and East.

The aim is to build a network for the members, which offers mutual advantages and leads to trusting and successful business relationships in the long term. WCR e.V. was founded in January 2010 and converted into a registered private association based in Berlin in 2011: WCR e.V. If you have any suggestions or would like to actively participate in our association life, please contact us at +49 176 96 84 33 77. The basic principles of WCR e.V. speak for themselves:

  • Voluntary membership of legal and private persons

  • e.V. registered association under German law

  • No economic or commercial interests

  • Political independence

  • Transparency and non-discrimination

  • Integration function for all German-speaking associations, clubs, companies and private individuals in the WEST-OST contact.

  • From members for members – contact on a personal level

About CEC Global: With offices and representatives around the world, CEC Global is here to assist you manage unseen political and policy crises - our team is here to discreetly help you expand your business nationally, regionally and globally.

We all need a little help from time to time and we are here to act as your trusted corporate security adviser. We offer a complimentary one hour consultation to help you develop a road map to meet your corporate goals for your clients!

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