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CEC Announces New Board, Rebrand & Services to Focus on Digital, Policy, Energy, Security & Space

Updated: May 23, 2020

The CEC Board is proud to announce a number developments, a new-look website, board of directors and a corporate rebrand.

With the COVID-19 crisis ravaging the global markets we have sought to not only develop new markets to adjust to the new realities of COVID-19 but to also grow the team and scope of services significantly to cater for future industries. To this end we are pleased to announce that CEC has grown from a predominantly Europe & FSU company to one with a global presence and with a range of new service sectors we are working wit a number of new clients.

We are pleased to announce the following key developments:

  • New look board with representatives in Hong Kong, Canada & Germany

  • Blog & fully rebranded website & team of consultants

  • Cost-effective packages for hard-pressed budgets - offering real cost savings on in-house staffing

  • Fully re-oriented digital service to deliver savings & offer maximum flexibility

New industries and sectors covered with expansive business development, facilitation & communications support including:

  • Space Industries - civilian and commercial space

  • Security Sector - a number of new support services

  • Emerging Digital & Technologies - crypto, blockchain, health and digital tech to component sourcing

  • Newly expanded oil and gas facilitation & trading avenues / nuclear sector

  • Government Relations - New national campaigns & facilitation services

  • Range of senior level stakeholder access in Russia, Hungary, Mexico, Canada, United States, Kazakhstan and elsewhere

We are actively growing the business during this difficult time and want to work with you - we can offer a cost-effective, fully outsourced, digital and bespoke service - as a globally focused strategic PR, trade and facilitation company we are able to assist you via our proprietary network.We are open to all cooperation and look forward to working with you!

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