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CEC - Special Advisers to Independent Chilean Presidential Candidate Bernardo Javalquinto

CEC Global is delighted to announce that we are now globally representing and acting as special advisers to the leading independent candidate in the 2021 Chilean Presidential election, Bernardo Javalquinto.

Taking place in late November 2021, CEC Global will be supporting the prospective campaigns global outreach strategy and acting as policy advisers. Led by our North American office but with a global footprint, CEC Global will be working with international media, political and other stakeholders to promote Bernardo’s commitment to developing a fairer, prosperous and globally focussed Chile.

According to Norman Leach, Account Director and Partner for the Americas:

We are delighted to be working with Bernardo and his team, who represent a pragmatic alternative to the challenges facing Chile. Pro-market and internationalist in principle, Bernardo's campaign team offer a sensible and viable policy solution to the socio-economic, geopolitical and environmental challenges facing the country. We look forward to working with the campaign!

For more information please contact Nic Cobb, Managing Partner on +44(0)7541 350439, email or visit


Introducing Bernardo Javalquinto – The Independent Alternative

"My vision for Chile. Our country requires a new perspective, to reach the solutions we need as Chileans. What we are experiencing today is not only a pandemic, it is a political crisis, a political crisis caused by politicians.

The distrust that we feel as citizens deserves a response that will make a difference in what we as Chileans need. Make a difference in what so far has been the repetitive history of Chile.

Years stranded in the same pond, in that not very spacious swimming pool called. Is my desire, goal, and motive for Chile are to finally be able to take off towards what its inhabitants, deserve.

When someone asks me what I want for our country, the answer, although it has several edges, it is only one: "Improvements", in each one of the aspects, such as aspects, such as The generation of jobs through the humanist economy, that is to say, to put emphasis on the needs of the workers. The needs of the workers, both social, psychological, and labor. Labor needs, and, to bring in foreign capital to invest in their personnel and in what surrounds them, so that salaries improve and in turn so does the quality of life.

Security and justice, because we must recover and increase public spaces throughout our country. Throughout the length and breadth of our country, and to achieve this, we must first carry out a strict revision of the criminal and civil and civil code in accordance with the new constitution; increase the sentences for collar crimes and tie crimes, which on several occasions have had as a cost, the recreational areas of the recreation areas; modification of the curriculum of the carabineros' training school, increasing the hours of practice and study. Our police throughout Chile, not only in the communes and regions with the most and regions with greater resources, in all of them, in order to protect the security of all citizens from Arica to Punta Arica.

The creation of a Ministry of the Sea, to protect and preserve our deeply exploited maritime ecosystem, to deeply exploited maritime ecosystem, and in addition, help the thousands of fishermen and artisan fishermen and artisan divers, providing them with the security that has not been provided until today. In addition, the Ministry of the Sea will regulate and plan the maritime commerce, which foresees, In addition, the Ministry of Sea will regulate and plan maritime trade, which foresees the Pacific Ocean as one of the most important means of transport of goods worldwide, with the enhancement of the maritime route that links our coasts with the coasts linking our coasts with the coasts of Asia and Oceania. This will mean a positive growth of our economy.

Effective citizen participation, that is to say, listening to us through plebiscites regarding value issues, because whoever is in charge should not impose his or her beliefs on others. Impose his or her beliefs on others. Whether it is about equal marriage, or about the autonomy of native the autonomy of indigenous peoples, the opinion of the citizenry should always be the most valuable and always the most valuable and respected in a democracy.

Our environment, which needs to be cared for and respected.

We will support entrepreneurs and eco-sustainable companies, as well as those that opt for renewable energies. For renewable energies, we must legislate on the use of water. Entire communities of compatriots suffer from drought while the companies of the day deplete water reserves. Companies deplete the water reserves that belong to all Chileans"

Bernardo Javalquinto

Prospective Independent Candidate for the President of Chile


CEC Global Strategic & Political Communications Services

With an experienced team of political consultants, CEC is able to offer a wide range of political, strategic and electoral campaign services. We have a range of services to assist you including:

· Government relations: contact programmes at all levels of Government - long-term strategy development

· National & International Campaign Strategies - social media, media-relations, business & stakeholder support.

· Reputation Management

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This is one of our most bespoke, tailored and often discreet services, please get in touch for more information.

CEC is a fully registered member of the CIPR & UK


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