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  • Nic Cobb

CEC Global Intelligence - Helping Companies Secure Their Businesses in an Unstable World

Your Trusted, Long Term and Discreet Corporate Intelligence Adviser

As we emerge into an uncertain and unstable world, companies around the world are becoming concerned with their cyber, physical and corporate risk management.

With offices and representatives around the world, CEC Global is here to assist you manage the unseen crises - from communications, market outreach to corporate coaching, security and business development, our team is here to discreetly help you expand your business nationally, regionally and globally.

We all need a little help from time to time and we are here to act as your trusted corporate security adviser. We offer a complimentary one hour consultation to help you develop a road map to meet your corporate goals for your clients!

Holistic Corporate Advisory - The CEC Consulting Process

From a full chain consulting package to standalone services, CEC offers you a holistic approach to the challenges that you face as a business.

Stage One: Initial Fact Find Meeting

We will schedule a complimentary one hour fact find to assess your corporate needs - based on this meeting we will either run through the stage two options or suggest a standalone service solution.

Stage Two: 90 Day Consulting Period

Based upon our initial call, we will work on a three month deep dive into every facet of your corporate requirements and develop a full chain consulting strategy - from corporate and political communications to business development, marketing and organisational management - we will present a detailed and bespoke plan to overcome your corporate goals.

Stage Three: Strategy Execution & Service Delivery

Once we have delivered your strategy report, we will execute the service delivery on a longer term basis as identified at stage two. We will work with you at every step of the way to help you realise your corporate mission.

Our Risk & Security Services at a Glance

With a global footprint, CEC and its associates work with a range of senior stakeholders offering access to the security industries of a number of countries including the UK, USA, Canada, Mexico & the CIS. Our general service offering includes:

  • Business development and communications services

  • Virtual office & event / expo support

  • Political & corporate communications campaigns

  • Bespoke trade facilitation

  • Tailored stakeholder engagement & introduction services

  • Global corporate risk blind side & 'beyond the horizon' risk assessment / security consulting & close protection

  • Bespoke projects

The Next Steps

For more information or to explore how we can work with you, please get in touch by emailing or call +44(0)7541350439 / get in touch with a member of the team. We look forward to working with you!


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