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  • Nic Cobb

CEC Launches Risk Reports and Business Intel Subscription Service

CEC is pleased to announce a new series of country and risk based reports for our clients, stakeholders and corporate supporters.

The reports will focus on the topical issues of the day and will serve as a go to 'position paper' aimed at providing the most pertinent information, on time and when required.

We offer the following tailored consulting services:

- Quarterly / Monthly bespoke Brexit briefing reports

- Detailed country reports - we will provide a 2-3 page overview briefing but can provide bespoke analysis and market information, market strategies and intelligence

- Finance and Market reports - from energy, oil and gas to global financial markets we have the consultants available to provide the right insight

- Risk / Intelligence reports - corporate and geopolitical risk analysis of nation states, regions, industries, companies and individuals where possible

- Bespoke reports - please get in touch!

Should you require any of these services please get in touch to see how we can help and we will provide a scope of information summary and report - we will be releasing one off reports and will be uploading these to the blog.

If you are interested in any of the above services please email

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