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CEC Partners with the Translation Club

Introducing the Translation Club

The Translation Club is an international translation agency which works with individuals, corporate clients, companies and corporations in the UK, Russia and Europe. With offices in the UK & Russia, the Translation Club has become one of the premier translation providers in UK and Russia since 2012 and from 2016-2019 our translation agency was awarded with a number of awards and diplomas from companies and senior public organizations.

Since the foundation of the company, our qualified specialists have been working hard to provide the best services in the industry. Our proposals are tailored to specific needs and challenges of the client.

Our quotes are deliberately below the market price, which is why our translation services are in very high demand. We provide Russian – English, English – Russian translations of all complexities and includes translation for business, technical, economic, political, marketing, legal, medical or cultural clients.

From the first days of our work, we have striven to provide the highest level of service,  process efficiency, as well as clear and tailored client service.

The mission of the Translation Club company is simple – to provide English-Russian, Russian English translation services on time and to your brief. To succeed in its implementation, our team takes into account the characteristics of each project.

In all that we do, the interests of customers are above all. You can be sure of a high level of service.  Since its founding, Translation Club has earned a reputation as one of the most trusted and reliable translation service company in London and Moscow.

We have all the necessary skills and experience to solve almost any task that we are dealing with. Clients know for sure that Translation Club specialists always work professionally, efficiently and with excellent results.

The specialist team at the Translation Club company are sector experts with detailed knowledge of business, politics, healthcare, technologies and technical development services. You can count on our professionalism and effecticient approach to work and the ability to complete tasks on time.

Our translation services have different quotes depending on the specifications and difficulties of the text you provide us with.

General text £30 per 1 page

Business text £35 per 1 page

Legal text £50 per 1 page

Political text £50 per 1 page

Medical text £50 per 1 page

We also provide unique services for companies including Website content writing, sponsorship letters writing, communications letters writing, Brochures translation and presentation translation.

Website content writing £100 per 1 page Sponsorship letter £150 per 1 page Communications letter £150 per 1 page Presentation translation £40 per 1 page Brochure translation £40 per 1 page

We accept only pdf or word files.

For your convenience we can provide you with our special services such as fast track translation within 2-3 hours depending on the volume of the document as well as grammar correction and style of writing.

Read about the services we provide and let me know if you are interested in learning more about a specific offer.

We hope you find here what you are looking for. Contact us and you will get fair prices, excellent quality and first-class customer service are guaranteed.

Best regards,

Anton Samoylenko CEO Translation Club +79250073307

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