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CEC Global to Work with PurCopper - The Sustainable Copper Powder

CEC is proud to announce that we are now working with PurCopper!

PurCopper is a sustainable copper powder product that saves industrial, paint and lubricant consumers major cost savings - if you are interested to find out more please email

The Recycled Copper Product that offers Real Savings!

PurCopper is 2.5 times more efficient than other powder products, uses nearly 10 times less oxygen and lasts for three times as long in storage - it can be used in a wide range of industries including the paint, lubricant, energy and other industrial sectors.

PurCopper is a state-of-the-art RECYCLING copper powder with UNIQUE POLYDISPERSITY qualities. Polydispersity plays a key role in its industrial application and compared to conventional copper powders on the market, you need 2-2.5 times less of our copper powder.

The powder is produced at a carbon zero rate and is both durable & sustainable. It is also safe and offers 100% fire resistant qualities.

To see our specifications please click here.

CEC Global looks forward to working with PurCopper and invite you to get in touch with any product related queries.

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