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CEC Global Working with EUREKA to Launch African Credit Rating Agency

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

CEC is working with EUREKA as a development partner for the launch of the African Ratings Agency. We are keen to work with interested corporate and governmental parties - if you interested to work with us please get in touch.

Introducing the African Ratings Agency Project: EUREKA is currently in the process of developing the African Ratings Agency (ARA) Syndicate - a legal and commercial entity that will seek to offer a new approach to rating the credit profiles of African corporate and governmental clients.

With all 55 countries of the African Union invited to participate, we have received a strong initial interest to the development from stakeholders both inside and outside of the continent. In each country of the African Union, we are inviting the top 30 companies to hold a membership to ARA Syndicate. Using our own bespoke methodologies and with teams on the ground, the ARA will seek to provide an African focussed credit assessment.

To join the ARA, all new members will follow a two-stage process: – pre-entry due diligence and initial registration followed by the subscription stage. With the global credit rating agencies headquartered in the United States, including Standard & Poor as the market leader nowadays, many are now looking for an alternative to the established norm. Like the European Ratings Agency - there is a local alternative to the established and globally focussed credit agencies.

The ARA will have in each country a 'Regional Analytic Team' (RAT), where the staff will be trained by our own 'ARA Academy' to promote best practice and ensure consistency across all 55 AU states. The 'countrywide RAT’s' are working under the guidance of the 'Leading Analytic Team' (LAT), which is connected and operated under the watchful eye of the HW-based 'IT-Interface Team' (IFT) and SW-based 'IT-Algorithm Team' (ART), which has recently developed the final source code for rankings.

For more information please email Nic Cobb


EUREKA was established in 1954 under the patronage of four Kingdoms: Belgium, Spain, Morocco and Thailand. At that time EUREKA was acting in the way of a scientific sister organization to the previous EU association. Over the decades the mission was changed from a political orientation to support proprietary technologies to more business orientation. Was on the beginning EUREKAs function to organize and lead the world biggest fair of R&D and industrial technologies with more than 1,200 inventions from 800 inventors of more than 50 countries, later on and especially in the new millennium EUREKA is acting as a key player for: • Infrastructure projects​

• Technology funds​

• Turnaround management

• Scientific approach with publication in MacroEconomics and Business

• Political Advisor i.e. ARA and ERA

If you are interested in being a part of our EUREKA initiatives please do get in touch Here about our projects - African & European Credit Agencies - Transformation Management - Global Risk Consulting - Investment & Other Projects

Eureka invites you to join our network and share our expertise in: • Proprietary Technology (i.e. TEPone Fund) • Scientific Approach (New Economy 3.0 – Sustainability Macroeconomics with Green Rendit) • Turnaround Management (leads you out from the negative impact of the Pandemic Economic crisis) For more information please visit the Eureka Homepage


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