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CEC Working with EUREKA to Launch European Credit Rating Agency

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

CEC Global is proud to be working alongside EUREKA to develop the first European based credit ratings agency! We are keen to work with interested parties - if interested to work with is please get in touch.

Introducing the European Ratings Agency Project

Eureka-Brussels decided to assemble a team of highly skilled specialists from Israel to develop the algorithm and relevant interfaces needed to develop such an agency. The ranking will be clear and simple and provide the same standard, and above of the US-based agencies which include Standard&Poor, Moody‘s and Fitch.

The ERA will analyse and research data from within Europe by Europeans and as such will be able to reflect the realities of the European markets. The ERA will act as a syndicate and will be owned by the syndicated members - a total of 930 members will be chosen and we are looking for companies and national governments to join our new platform. Owned by its members the costs of accessing and joining the credit agency will be significantly lower than that of its competitors.

The ranking criteria will be similar to the „Big Three“, but focused on the number „0“. In the point of view of a risk avers policy of the capital and finance markets nothing can be better than zero risks.

Therefore ERA Rating of „000“ is equivalent to the triple A ranking „AAA“.

We are looking for expressions of interest from companies and national government that would be interested to join the ERA syndicate.

Background to the ERA: The former Austrian chancellor, Dr. Schüssel, took the initiative some years ago before the 2009-2010 financial crash to establish an independent European Rating Agency.

This was done against the backdrop of Europe paying large sums of money for the acceptance of US financial derivates products - underlined by CDS (Credit Default Swaps) of market leader AIG. On that basis, a more effective ranking was granted and European banks (especially Deutsch Bank) were buying blind certificates of a surreal property bubble.

Twelve years after Lehman Brothers, the European Rating Agency was still not established and furthermore, Europe continues to face the greatest crisis in its recent economic and social history with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The policy of the ECB to looks set to bring us to a point of hyperinflation, such as we saw in both Germany in 1923 and Austria in 1946.

Further economic-political faultlines in the EU27 bloc have also been highlighted with the UK leaving the EU in 2020 as well as continued strain on national borders within the Schengen treaty.

We believe that whilst we have much that binds us, the growing differences between US and European policy have never greater than in recent years - in short, Europe must create their own policy and learn from the failures of the past!

A team of 15 specialists, scientists, decision-makers from the US to R.F. and from Belgium to South-Africa have also been writing book outlining these geopolitical-economic challenges, under the patronage of EUREKA. Entitled "New Economy 3.0 – Sustainability Macroeconomics with Green Rendite“.

For more information please email Nic Cobb


EUREKA was established in 1954 under the patronage of four Kingdoms: Belgium, Spain, Morocco and Thailand. At that time EUREKA was acting in the way of a scientific sister organization to the previous EU association. Over the decades the mission was changed from a political orientation to support proprietary technologies to more business orientation. Was on the beginning EUREKAs function to organize and lead the world biggest fair of R&D and industrial technologies with more than 1,200 inventions from 800 inventors of more than 50 countries, later on and especially in the new millennium EUREKA is acting as a key player for:

• Infrastructure projects​ • Technology funds​ • Turnaround management • Scientific approach with publication in MacroEconomics and Business • Political Advisor i.e. ARA and ERA

You are interested in? You want to be part of our EUREKA initiatives? Be more informed… Now! Here about our projects

- African & European Credit Agencies

- Transformation Management

- Global Risk Consulting

- Investment & Other Projects Eureka invites you to join our network and share our expertise in:

• Proprietary Technology (i.e. TEPone Fund) • Scientific Approach (New Economy 3.0 – Sustainability Macroeconomics with Green Rendit) • Turnaround Management (leads you out from the negative impact of the Pandemic Economic crisis)

For more information please visit the Eureka Homepage


CEC Global Networks is an elite, yet discreet network of global industry, finance, legal, trading, communications, political and security experts that are part of the CEC global community of consultants and stakeholders.

Operating under Chatham House Rules and comprising a fully closed, invite only monthly network meeting - CEC Global Networks brings together stakeholders from across the globe. We provide a one hour closed networking session, complete with a complimentary risk briefing and presentation of CEC accessible projects that are open to collaboration with our closed community.

Membership of CEC Global Networks is made up of:

- Financiers and funds / HNI's

- Principle consultants

- Technical experts

- Political consultants

- Lawyers

- Security & risk experts

- PR & communications consultants

- Commodity and precious metals principles

- Culture thought leaders

- Infrastructure specialists

Our meetings will be held on the the last Friday of each month from 13.00 - 14.00. Membership is free but by invite only. The first meeting will take place in April - more invite details to follow!

Apply to join CEC Global Networks by contacting us with a brief explanation of your background and suitability.



Before we proceed to any communications, facilitation or specialised consulting plan, we are delighted to offer a complimentary 20 minute telephone consultation to explore your plans on greater detail and make some initial advisory notes.


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