• Nic Cobb

Introducing CEC's Africa Director

Nominated into the Institute of Business development of Nigeria, Ndulue Gabriel has a vast experience in the business environment of Nigeria.

With a degree in Economics from the University of Nigeria , he has gathered experience spanning well over 10 years in the Energy market, Finance, oil and gas, Agriculture and ICT where he worked with companies ranging from start-ups to well established companies. He is currently on the board of companies as Maximum Replace Nig Ltd and Frontier Resource Energy Nig ltd.

He is astute businessman with enormous wealth of experience in business development and project management. He also engages in contract ventures with government in major cities across Nigeria.

He is a man of great integrity and character. He joins CEC as the company representative for Africa, where he oversees transactions within the African continent. He is a highly skilled negotiator , and demographic and political knowledge in the business terrain of Africa would help take our company to another level.

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