• Nic Cobb

Introducing the CEC Board - Niall Hopkinson, APAC & Emerging and New Technologies

Niall is originally from the United Kingdom, but has worked in both Amsterdam and Hong Kong. He holds an MSc in Political Science. He also has strong experience in the energy sector, and in business management. Before joining CEC Niall worked as a director for property management company. Over recent years he has worked closely to support our energy desk.

In 2020 Niall helped found the emerging technology and digital PR division at CEC. Where he works on communication and investment needs for cutting edge technology, and start-up firms around the world. Niall is currently based in Hong Kong and has built a strong network in the APAC region, encompassing many sectors. He is particularly interested in the potential for co-operation between Europe, the CIS and East Asia. Additionally, Niall holds experience in global investment strategies, and has supported the growth of CECs family office. 

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