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CEC Global Partners with Fluxa - Europe's Fastest Growing E-Vehicle Charge Point-Infrastructure Developer

CEC Global is proud to announce that as part of it's planned moved into the Benelux region, we are now supporting the international development work of one of the region's largest developers of electric vehicle charging point and infrastructure in the region.

As we move towards a renewable-smart powered future, the prospect for global e-vehicle takeup is huge and as one of the fastest growing companies of it's type in Belgium and the wider Benelux countries, we are proud to work alongside Fluxa!

Introducing Fluxa - Your E-Vehicle Infrastructure Partner

FLUXA is a recognised CPO (Charge Point Operator) and consequently able to focus on financial and administrative optimisation. Customers can manage all charging sessions in real-time, generate reports, manage and control employee reimbursements and much, much more. Our handy management platform features state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, ensuring that you have access to fast, reliable and accurate data at all times.

Fluxa also design, build and support major infrastructure and roadside projects - no project is to large and Fluxa are actively looking to work with major European and global highway and CPO users. Fluxa is also a mobile service provider and can offer charge card solutions throughout Europe.

Our system performs reimbursements for employees with home charging stations and company visitors automatically, and allows you to access all information quickly and easily. We also supply the requisite reports for monitoring, financial optimisation and sustainability. A charging solution from FLUXA leaves nothing to chance!

For more information to to discuss working with CEC-Fluxa, please visit FLUXA Solutions | Sustainable mobility | Electric car charging station or email

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