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CEC Global to Work with Award Winning & Gold Backed Direct Payment Crypto Coin Disrupter GGCM

Supporting GGCM with its global marketing and communications support, the CEC team are proud to present this award winning, global and gold backed crypto coin & payments system.

The Crypto Currency You Can Use Every Day From November 11!

GGCM won the Dubai Crypto Expo award and within minutes had sold out of its pre-sale coin auction! More coins will be available from the 11 November and can be bought at - simply search for GGCM and you can purchase your coins! Here is GGCM's award! Further information can be found here.

The GGCM coin allows users to use a physical card to pay for day-to-day items and being backed by a physical gold store means that you transact safely

GGC Payments turns cryptocurrencies into direct payments - This revolutionary, next Generation Finance System bridges the gap between the world of cryptocurrencies and the real fiat world. As a bridge between the decentralised and centralised payment system, the GGC Payments platform helps you to mitigate your currency and payment risk.

Backed by Gold -The Crypto That Gives You Peace of Mind

The GGCM project has succeeded in integrating the value of gold and other precious metals in the blockchain system. This innovative investment channel makes it possible for anyone to participate in cryptocurrency markets and become owner of physical gold. The 30% gold guarantee (or equal currency guarantee) provides security on the one hand and an excellent opportunity for increase in value due to the 30% limitation. Plus, it is an effective way to protect against inflation given global market instability. GGC also provides an attractive NFT model as an opportunity for investors to profit from the GGC gold mining project in the NFT world.

The official trading start is scheduled for November 11 and buyers will receive a free GGC Payments Card worth when they purchase GGCM coins for 300 USD and hold the coins for three months!

More Information & GGCM Channels

About CEC: With a global network of seasoned partners, CEC Global is your strategic communications & risk management partner in an increasingly unstable world. CEC will work with you to develop the communications & risk management strategies needed to meet your organisational and stakeholder engagement requirements through holistic consulting and bespoke consulting. For more information please visit

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